At the core of Electrolab’s Oil & Gas business is the Model 2100 Digital Level Sensor (DLS). Electrolab has over 100,000 sensors currently installed in North American production tanks, midstream collection tanks, and many other applications. Dedication to engineering and development, coupled with relationships with world-class OEMs, integrators and distributors, have placed Electrolab level sensors in mission-critical applications throughout North America—including hazardous locations. Accuracy and reliability are hallmarks of the Model 2100 DLS. The Model 2100 is available in a stainless steel version (shown at right), as well as a fiberglass version. A flexible version, the RU Flex Model 2100, is also available.


API 18.2 Custody Transfer compatible

All stainless steel parts treated with e9 Treatments Metal Pro antiparaffin surface treatment

No ongoing calibration after initial offset

Measure one or two levels standard; three levels with high-level alarm & shut-in option. Measure up to eight temperatures from a single port


Using patented reed-switch technology, the Model 2100 Digital Level Sensor (DLS) provides accurate measurement of total fluid level, water-interface level and fluid temperature. Up to eight temperature sensors can be placed along the length of the DLS for monitoring different temperature zones. Switch placement ensures accuracy without cumulative error. Up to 32 tanks can be monitored with a single control unit.

The Model 2100 DLS effectively measures levels of fluids with multiple densities:

  • Crude oil

  • Diesel

  • Kerosene

…And many others!