The Electrolab D100 IoT Gateway Controller is an industrial wireless gateway and controller that facilitates Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.
The D100 IoT Gateway Controller enables outbound communication through a variety of connectivity options such as ethernet, Modbus, cell, etc.


The D100 IoT Gateway works with the Electrolab D99 Nodes and can communicate with up to 47 remote nodes.


Industry standard RS-485, Ethernet & USB communication ports

Secure email & internet text messaging for alarms, alerts & data log files

Data logging with removable SD card

Universal, on-board I/O ports to connect local sensors & control equipment

Cellular modem internet connectivity with or wired Ethernet

Part Numbers

  • ELD99-D100-B1R1 – D100 IoT Gateway Controller

  • ELD99-DXM-V-LTE – Option SIM Card for Verizon LTE Cellular Module