Sight Glass Level Sensor


The model 2355 Sight Glass level controller offers digital, automated detection of 2 specific levels in a sight glass tube on a tank. This removes the requirement for human observation of the level of the tank.

The controller detects user adjustable turn-on and turn-off liquid levels using a tube with a nitrophyl magnetic float and two external reed switch packages. One turns on a pump with a 10 amp 120 VAC output, which is latched on until the other switch turns it off, or power is turned off. If the pump is intended to empty the tank, the "on" switch is placed at a high level and the off switch is put near the bottom. To fill a tank, exchange the switches.

All components used in making this product are UL-approvable.

Data Sheet

Levels 2
Float Material Nitrophyl
Float Dimensions Approx. 2"X.375"X.375"
Circuit Board Housing NEMA 4X 5"X5"X4" Enclosure
Input Voltage 120 VAC
Output 120 VAC at 10 amps or contact closure
AC Switching Relay 15-Amp, 2 Pole
Recommended Sight Glass Tube ½" ID Tube


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