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Anti-Paraffin Treatment

Anti-Paraffin Treatment

Categories: DLS Optional Equipment

Our patent-pending Anti-Paraffin Treatment, makes on-going maintenance of our Digital Level Sensors (DLS) and High-Level Probes practically non-existent. This oleo-phobic coating significantly reduces paraffin buildup on steel instrumentation and eliminates the issue of floats sticking and impacting measurement accuracy.

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This nano-technology treatment is designed to help overcome the challenges associated with paraffin build-up on stainless steel components of crude oil storage tank instrumentation. Upon factory application, this unique material becomes covalently bound to the substrate to form a permanent, stable chemical bond that reduces surface tension and effectively inhibits the ability of heavy hydrocarbon admixtures, such as paraffins and asphaltenes, to adhere to these surfaces. The result is better performing equipment that is easier to clean and is environmentally safe. Stable in continuous exposure of up to 250 degrees F, it is highly resistive to abrasion and wear under normal conditions.

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