April 2015



Electrolab Moving to NEW Corporate Headquarters

Apr 24, 2015 | posted by Electrolab

We are pleased to announce that effective April 27, 2105, Electrolab is moving to our NEW Corporate Headquarters in Boerne, Texas (a Northwest suburb of San Antonio).This newly built, 31,000 sq. ft. facility positions Electrolab to ramp up production of our current products, as well as for several new products to be introduced in the near future. We have invested significantly in state of the art equipment to continue to produce our own printed circuit boards and high-temperature electronics in house with even finer precision and smaller footprints than we do today. An updated engineering collaboration area and lab will allow us to offer our customers INNOVATIVE, QUALITY, RELIABLE products now and into the future.

Electrolab revised renderings Page 1a1.jpg

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Introducing Electrolab’s TankChek

Introducing Electrolab’s TankChek Apr 23, 2015 | posted by Electrolab

A Local Display and Modbus Scanner Custom Configured for Electrolab Digital Level Sensors

Electrolab’s TankChek is a Local Display and Modbus Scanner which communicates with one or more Model 2100 Level Sensors to provide tank level and temperature data in an easy-to-read format. TankChek is available in two models, the LCD210 with decimal display, left, or the LCD200 with feet and inches display, at right. When mounted at the base of a group of tanks, your field technicians can drive up and efficiently monitor the status of several tanks from one local display— keeping them safely off tanks and catwalks.

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